About us

LDP is about personal interaction

In addition to our quarter-century track record, range of professional services, LDP is about personal interaction with clients to add value to their businesses.

As advisors, we ensure thorough compliance with laws and requirements in the most cost-effective way, but we are focused on client solutions.

We advise on business trends, processes, and systems to give clients peace of mind in order for them to focus on their business interests, growth and future plans.

The LDP team has wide, deep and international expertise across business sectors, types and sizes in South Africa, Namibia and beyond. Established in 1992 as Loubser Du Plessis, LDP is a well-known and long-established practice of public accountants and auditors in South Africa.

Our team
over a hundred strong,
at your service

Based in Stellenbosch
and Pretoria

LDP is accredited with the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors (IRBA) and performs audits in accordance with the “International Standards on Auditing” that IRBA prescribes. The practice of 11 directors and 118 staff based in Stellenbosch and Pretoria, reflects the modern trend of excellent auditing and financial services combined with an integrated business approach.

Why us?

We are excited about dynamic trends and the future role of the auditing profession.

We track trends and opportunities outside a professional “comfort zone”.

We constantly look for new ways to help our clients to maximise their return on investment, effort and goals.

Our service model is not purely fee-based. We believe in added value and lasting relationships built on trust and results.

We establish precise needs before customising integrated, client-focused solutions based on shared experience, skills, case studies and expert advice.